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Browser geolocation: the good, the bad and the ugly

We’re a little late to the party — but we’re here, amongst those who are playing around with the geolocation API provided by browsers.

Without further ado, let me get straight to our feedback on one the nicest web APIs that have been standardized in recent times.

Welcome Gabriel!

Fresh new vibes in the tech team as we have a new joiner who likes to hack with JavaScript on the browser!

Lightning talks #3

At Namshi, as you probably know, we do several activities, like – small presentations about new technologies, showcases of the latest projects, watching interesting conference talks, etc. We had our third edition of lightning talk. Each of our team members gave a small presentation about something they found interesting. Here is a recap of what they spoke about, and we hope you will find it interesting as well!

Embracing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Speed and Profit

Over the past years, we have seen the rise of smartphones. Mobile phones and mobile browsers became more powerful as they have the hardware and processors in par with desktops. Subsequently, this lead to a rapid growth mobile browsers usage over desktop browsers.

On the other hand, mobile browsers has a hidden cost — called Performance.In terms of performance, they were always been compared with Native apps. The native apps had better performance because of the underlying OS level support. They could cache big chunks of data offline, hence wouldn’t suffer from network latencies. Mobile browsers/websites didn’t have this luxury and they have to bear the performance problems, always.

Breakpoint On Namshi

Rainy days in Dubai are rare! same as good places to work.

Almost 2 years ago, I landed at the Dubai Airport on a flight that took off from Egypt and for several reasons, a flight that won’t have a return ticket back to Egypt (at least anytime soon, I hope).

Currently hiring: a DevOps engineer and a JS hacker here in Dubai

Hey folks, here at Namshi we’re currently looking to beef our team up — without further ado, let me quickly go through both of them!

My First Two Weeks At Namshi

On July 10th, I joined Namshi as a Junior Software Engineer. I was really excited to start my first full time job writing software. Though, I have to confess that I was also a bit afraid and nervous. Fortunately, after just two days working with the team the fear and nervousness went away. In this post, I will share with you some of the things I have learned so far as well as what I love about working in this awesome team.

The Copy Paste Guide for Creating NPM packages in ES6 with Babel and Webpack

ES6 is lovely, right?

I believe “Yes” it is! However, ES6 is not quite ready yet. Present JavaScript environments (NODE and Browser ) cannot run all the ES6 proposed features. Browser vendors are slowly shipping the features to their JS engines. Hence, as of today, only ES5 is guaranteed to work seamlessly in every JS environment.

Welcome Joe!

Fresh new vibes in the tech team as Joe joined us a today!

Progressive Web Apps Dev Summit 2016 Highlights

The first Progressive Web App dev summit happened in Amsterdam last week. I got a chance to attend the event and meet a lot of new people. All the sessions were nice, and I was so amazed to see the different browser vendors working together to push the web forward.

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