Currently hiring: backend and mobile engineers

We’re currently looking for some help in a couple areas of our tech team — why don’t you join us?


Getting into the specifics, we’ve been working with an external mobile team (3rd party) that wrote our apps from scratch, setup an efficient testing & CI strategy and a very solid deployment workflow — as a matter of fact, we’re very proud of our crash rate on both platforms, with android leading at 0.05%.

We are comfortable with the quality of our apps and the pace of development but, in order to take them to the next level, it’s clear to us that we need our own team to do that: commitment, communication and going the extra-mile are definitely different when you’re part of the organization.

On the long run the team is going to be comprised of a few engineers and a lead, so we’d initially like to start with:

  • 1 lead mobile developer, who should ideally have good experience on both platforms
  • 1 senior iOS developer
  • 1 senior android developer

The lead mobile engineer should ideally be a very hands-on, seasoned mobile engineer with experience leading / forming a team — he will need to help building the team, setting the right direction, overseeing development on both platforms and coordinating with other teams (ie. backend or product management) on feature development and aligning priorities. We expect him to spend around 50% of his time on development (this is still a hands-on position), and the other 50% on the team, teaching practices, reviewing pull requests and so on.

We expect from senior engineers to be able to write clean, testable code that’s hard to break — a few years (4+) of experience are definitely needed (say, you should have bumped into @autoreleasepool before ;–)) and you should be very familiar with different design patterns (Delegate, Facade, etc), concepts such as mock objects and various tools to support your workflow (ie. CI pipelines).


We could definitely use some help in our backend team :)

Even though we’re not in a rough spot, we would like to be able to expand our pipeline and be able to add even more seniority to the team: our usual “backend problem” is that we have lots of things we’d like to work on / experiment with but not a lot of engineers, thus we eventually end up giving those projects up or delaying them too much.

The main technologies you would be working with are:

  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Solr
  • Golang
  • Symfony2
  • a bit of frontend with either Angular or React

all of these in the context of our microservice-based SOA: we currently employ 50+ service in production, mostly deployed in Docker containers through Google’s Kubernetes.

Here we would keep in consideration candidates for both a lead and a senior position: the current team is working well and we haven’t felt the need to hire a lead engineer over the past few months, but we’re open to the idea if we find the right candidate.

Needless to say, both position would be quite hands-on :)

Apply now!

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P.S. A few weeks back I wrote a small piece about Namshi’s hiring process and desiderata, give it a look!