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We’re recruiting talented jr. software engineers: come and join us!

Hi there, just a quick one today!

Since we have a few openings for jr. roles in our team, we’re putting together a recruitment day towards the end of this month, as announced on our LinkedIn post:

Come and join our tech graduate recruitment day on Thursday 31st January 2019. We will be recruiting for Junior Backend Engineers and Junior Mobile Engineers.

To be considered please send your CV to

Ready to meet some members of our tech team? 🤓💻☕️🎓

Yalla, submit!

From cloud to cloud: how Namshi migrated a 6yo AWS infrastructure to GCP

Our new year started with system-fireworks!

On January 1st, Namshi moved the majority of its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform in order to take advantage of GKE, the incredible managed-Kubernetes service GCP offers. When you visit, you will be served from the new infrastructure we migrated to, which includes our web applications as well as database servers.

This concludes an activity we initially thought of a year and a half ago and started working towards in Q2 2018.

In this post, we’d like to describe both how we migrated 6 years of infrastructure from AWS to GCP as well as the toughest challenges we faced along the way.

7 (long) years later: how long it took to rewrite Namshi

I joined Namshi of the 1st of April (what a joke!) of 2012. Fast forward to around 7 years later…

A couple weeks ago, I tried to login into one of our legacy internal services here at Namshi: to my surprise, I was redirected to a brand new, flashy app that seemed to have replaced that good old monolith.

What does that mean?

OSS days @ Namshi

As of the 1st of January 2019, Namshi’s techies will be able to take advantage of a new policy that aims to improve our (already positive) relationship with the Open Source world: let me tell you a bit more about what’s cooking!

Women in Tech @ Namshi: Ming Hu

Here at Namshi we have quite a bit of a diverse team but, like many companies out there, struggle with the gender gap in tech.

We, though, would like to share the story and advices from the women who are part of our team, with the hope that they’ll inspire others to join us, or to simply give computer science, or programming in general, a go.

Namshi’s Second Hackathon 2018

A recap from 2 days of hacking at Namshi’s Headquarter in Dubai with an incredible bunch of hackers. The best weekend of the year!

During the first weekend of October, Namshi hosted the second internal Hackathon at our lovely TECH team office. It was time for our software engineers to celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-team collaboration and rapid prototyping – We had a lot of fun!

Written by
Junior Software Engineer

Rewriting an MS SQL gateway with Golang

Innovation happens at an increasing rate today, which means code that is only one or two years old might become outdated and hard to maintain. In Namshi’s Backend Team, we also discuss the best approach to fix issues when we face problems caused by legacy code. Sometimes we do an incremental refactor and other times we go for a complete rewrite. This month we rewrote an app from scratch, and here is how we did it.

Written by
Junior Software Engineer

Syncing millions of records a day to BigQuery: our experience moving from GAE to GKE

This week we moved one of our analytics workloads from Google App Engine (GAE) to the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and wanted to share our experience in simplifying a setup that syncs millions of records to BigQuery each and every day.

Namshi is hiring: come and hack with us!

Looking for a fresh new start in 2019? We might have the right opening for you!

A new way to navigate around the Namshi android app

From a UX standpoint, it is really important to strike a good balance between usability and how information is organized within the application. Too much information might be overwhelming to the user, and an improper flow of the information will become a discouraging experience. Having a proper navigation pattern is vital as this helps the users to navigate between various hierarchies of structured or organized information. One of the biggest challenges within the mobile application purview is in providing a proper navigation, especially due to the smaller size of mobile screens. Several navigational patterns have been designed but each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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