Whether you are an API maniac or you like to get your hands dirty on the Chrome DevTools, trying to optimize a bunch of JavaScript code, love Open Source, get excited about new tools and technologies (Docker, ES6 anyone?), if you are passionate and enthusiast about what you’re doing…then we should have a chat!

At Namshi, we are always looking for talented individuals who want to strive towards clean code, design patterns and want to use the latest technologies in their daily work — ever heard of SPDY, WebP, AngularJS, Docker, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch or Redis? These are just a few of the things we use at Namshi.

About our stack

On the backend, we like to mainly use NodeJS and have based our Service Oriented Architecture on “RESTish” APIs, while, at the front, we’ve decided to fight the battle with React, AngularJS and Javascript in general (webpack, gulp, browserify and all the new kids on the block).

What do we offer?

…an opensource-community-driven environment. We love to give back to the community whenever we can

…SPDY, HTTP APIs and a Service-Oriented Architecture

…the ability to try to innovate with tools such as React Native and Redux

…a 1-minute-walk from the metro to the office

…a good, tax-free salary

…a great team

…you won’t be alone: our team is made of ~12 software engineers

…opportunity to grow with one of the best teams in the areas

…a company which is standing on the shoulder of giants

…the “10th our breakpoint”: if you work for 10 hours…have a break, order food and we will reimburse it


Currently, we are looking for:

If you don’t feel we have the right opening for you, we are always keen on having a chat with engineers who have the right mindset, no matter the stack or the role: feel free to submit your application!


Here’s a taste of Namshi, as a company:

What are you waiting for? Drop a line at and let’s have a chat!