Namshi is hiring: come and hack with us!

Looking for a fresh new start in 2019? We might have the right opening for you!

In order to support the growth of our business, we’re currently beefing up our entire tech department, with the intention of developing even faster services and delivering an even more amazing customer experience: the end goal is to re-organize the structure of our team (which has always been split by skillset, as in “mobile”, “backend”, etc) and mimic the squad framework, where technical teams are split by “business function”. We’re never going to employ thousands of engineers but, as we feel the need to build a bigger tech pipeline and consequently hire additional software engineers, we think the squad framework provides a good structure for a bigger organization.

So, lots of hiring coming up here at Namshi: mobile, SRE, frontend, backend… …you name it, we’re probably hiring :)

Our mobile team, led by Abdul, is playing around with React Native and works on a daily basis with Swift and the standard Android toolkit (even though they’ve been flirting with Kotlin every now and then): their mission is to make our mobile apps blazing fast, smooth and as crash-free as possible.

On the frontend side of things, our team develops amazing web UXes and internal tools used within the company: our frontenders eat React for breakfast and are spearheaded by Shidhin, our most senior frontend engineer.

On the backend, Carles and Ayham lead a tight-knit team that focuses on delivering HTTP APIs for our clients to consume: the team deals with scalability and performance issues and solve problems that span across the whole domain, mostly with NodeJS, Python and Go.

Last but not least, our SREs build infrastructures for more than 100 services, all deployed through Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes. It is almost unbelievable to see what they allow others teams to do, especially considering the team is extremely small, as Abdelrahman and Andrey are our only SREs.

Sounds interesting enough? Then drop us a line at and let’s have a chat!

Oh, I almost forgot — a couple more things before leaving:

  • most of our engineers are quite senior, so we’d like to “diversify” and hire less experienced candidates: juniors and intermediates are our ideal candidates as of now. If you consider yourself a senior and would like to apply, feel free to reach out, as we might be able to work something out :)
  • I wrote about our hiring process a while ago but most of it still stands, so I’d recommend you to have a look at our post “Get that job at Namshi