Newsletter 100...we've come a long way!

Without even realizing it, we’ve come quite far with our small, weekly newsletter: to celebrate it’s 100th edition I’d like to spend a few words on how meaningful this platform is to us.

It’s been more than a year since we’ve started sharing to the outside world stuff that we, Namshees, find useful; our very first public newsletter went out in January last year after we kept it in-between us for 5 months or so.

The Namshi team has seen people coming and going, but we always made sure that everyone who would come on board would bring the right mindset to work altogether: being hungry of knowledge, passionate about helping others and having a good chunk of personal interest towards nerdy things.

It doesn’t matter whether your English isn’t perfect or you haven’t been using JavaScript until yesterday: what we really value is the spirit, the commitment and the passion that people put in everyday; being it in one of our projects, when discussing an approach with a teammate, while showcasing a design pattern to a junior member of the team or by striving to make an open-source library out of one of our internal projects.

And this last point is very important to us, bright and bold: open-source is king.

We bleed it, we rely on it so much and we’ve come a long way thanks to what other great engineers have done throughout many years.

If Namshi is here, we owe a hugethank you” to the OS community; and by open-sourcing this blog, what we share and a few, small libraries we hope to give back to the community at least 1% of what we got during our careers.

Last but not least, this is still #techThursday!