Lighting talks #1

On Thursday afternoons the Namshi tech team usually spend some times together, either watching an interesting tech video or having a small retrospective on what’s going on together.

Last Thursday we introduced a new activity: The Namshi Tech Lighting talks. As you probably know, sharing knowledge and experience is very important for us, that’s why we decided to have this new activity where everyone in the team is showing an interesting library/tool.

And we want also to share this with you!

  • Nitesh, one of our frontend developers, showed us a very good way to perform functional test on the UI

This is a simple and powerful example written by him:

  • Filippo, from the backend team, talked about a new programming language: Elixir

  • Amin, from the frontend team, showed us a fancy way of filling empty gaps in the layout:

  • Ayham, from the backend team, gave a showcase about some very handy libraries he used in our nodejs projects:

  • David, a Symfony lover, talked about new cool stuff on the latest Symfony release, a friendly curl client written in python and a useful git plugin for Sublime editor:

  • Lucio, went really low level and showed us some tips and tricks to understand what’s going on a network.

  • Hossam, showed us some good tips and advice on how to use promises:

  • Cirpo, shared how tmux and CDPATH can enhance your terminal usage experience:

  • Shidhin, one of our frontend developers, showed us a nice tool to analyze and optimize your website speed and performance, and he also talked about the easiest way to use git, the regular expressions in JS, and how to run the terminal inside Chrome:

  • Oba, our system admin, showed us an open source system-level tool for analyzing docker containers:

  • Alex, shared a simple library that allows you to run commands on multiple hosts via SSH, and also he showed how to extend services in docker containers, and how to get your container metrics:

See you again at the next Namshi Tech Lighting talks!