Namshi went to Germany!
WebTechCon and International PHPConference 2014


I had the opportunity to attend the WebTechCon and the International PHPConference 2014 as speaker in Munich, Germany. The location was very nice, and beeing a foodie, the food was great :).

The only small complaint I have is that in 2014, Tech conference should be in English: I missed a lot of potentially great talks because they were in German.

The International PHP Conference is the world’s first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade while the WebTechCon is taking place since the last 5 years. The fact that you have these two events combined confirms the trend of horizontal events rather than focusing on just one technology or product. Lots of different topics were covered: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, AngularJs, databases, devops, systems, automation, architecture etc.

The concept of an heterogeneous technologies integration was addressed during the opening keynote and was a topic covered in many talks, mine were no exception.

I presented two talks: “Don’t screw it up! How to build durable API” and “PHP is the king, nodejs the prince and Lua the fool”.

Both talks are based on the experience at Namshi, building our current service oriented architecture and API and how our stack is evolving.

At Namshi we believe that attending conferences and meetups is a very important as that helps the team and the individual developers grow. It’s a great opportunity to understand what’s going on in our field and to meet other great developers.

What’s next? If you’re attending SymfonyCon Madrid, don’t miss “Hey, I just met AngularJS, and this is crazy, so here’s my JavaScript, let’s use it maybe” by Alex!