We're hiring...actually, we're hiring MOAR!

Just an heads up that we are looking for talented engineers for our tech team, and our guys are very sad they don’t have too many new friends!

Besides looking for a Lead Mobile developer, as we announced a few weeks back, we are looking for some other key figures in our team.

No HTML/CSS love…

Our frontend team, usually happy to write AngularJS directives or a bunch of frontend-ish NodeJS apps, is devastated as they feel they are missing a third element who can help them achieve greatness.

To make Lucio and Shidhin happy, we want to add a new member in our team, a Frontend Developer, someone who is skilled on HTML5 and CSS3 and knows the basics of JavaScript but wants to expand his knowledge in that direction.

You will work on a whole lot of new internal applications as well as help streamlining our frontend processes, together with the rest of the team: which frameworks shall we use? Bootstrap or Foundation? How can we use Yeoman’s generator to speed up most of our code generation? How can we make our web apps faster extracting critical styles and so on? These are just a few questions you will need to ask yourself once you come here.

You will come here knowing how to design a frontend (mastering the presentation layer, so HTML, CSS, jQuery) but will leave Namshi knowing how to build the presentation and logic behind a full frontend application (AngularJS, Node or something more spicy like polymer).

Drop us an email at work-in-tech@namshi.com to apply or simply get more informations about this job opening!

Sitting on an empty (sysadmin) chair…

Look at the systeam, so sad: they really need some new buddy for their games.

The chair is empty, and that makes me so sad! If only we could find someone who would like to come and join the hottest SOA of the Middle East…

So yeah, we’re also looking for a System Administrator, someone who knows how configuration management works, who has relevant experience on cloud infrastructures as AWS and wants to use some of the latest technologies, like Docker or Deis, to help us automate and scale the hell out of our architecture; we are trying to switch towards a more devops oriented organization, and need someone with that mindset to improve the current state of the team: as an example, we use serverspec to test some of our configurations, and would like someone who can get his/her hands dirty with both programming and system administration to help the team.

Drop us an email at work-in-tech@namshi.com to apply or simply get more informations about this job opening!

I don’t know if he’s crying because of loneliness or because of NodeJS…

Look at how sad Cirpo, our lead API engineer, was today:

It’s true that he might be sad because we decided to use a lot of NodeJS instead of PHP, but I think his struggles also come from the fact that he feels we need a good Senior Software engineer, specialized in NodeJS, who can help the team getting more skilled with this “new” platform.

The ideal candidate would have a few years of experience on production-ready Node systems, and it would be a great plus if we can get someone who has a broader experience with different programming paradigms, as we feel the most important part of this job is the brain, and it would be great if we get someone that has been in a few different battlefields :)

We need someone who first solves the problem, then writes the code (or, even better: first solves the problem, then writes the test, then the code :-D).

Drop us an email at work-in-tech@namshi.com to apply or simply get more informations about this job opening!

About Namshi

We have a JOIN US page where we listed some of the key benefits in working with us, but to recap the most important ones:

  • the environment is great, young and people are passionate
  • the office is 1 minute away from the metro station
  • we offer competitive salaries
  • flexible working hours
  • being paid to write Open Source code
  • cakes! cakes! cakes!