Like Android and iOS? Let's change shopping in the Middle East together!

Do you like Java? Ok, I possibly started from the wrongest question.


Do you like Android? (sounds much better!) And what about iOS? Tablets? Mobile devices in general? If so, come over and let’s change the way people shop in the Middle East.

We are looking for a Lead Mobile Developer, someone who can get his hands dirty with both of the main platforms, and teach others how to do it: we’d like you to bring in your expertise and help kicking off our mobile development team.

What do we need?

Our need is to kickoff an internal development team, which could even be split by iOS and Android, and to do so we would need to make a first, very good hire and find a lead who can drive all the way to success.

How will your typical day look like? You will go over a gist which has the specs for a feature together with the other leads, wrap up a bugfix for the next release, check one of the pull requests submitted by another team member and have lotsa shawarma for lunch.

As general rules, we would like:

  • someone who speaks both Android and iOS (if you know only one of them but think you deserve a position, talk to us and we’d be very happy to hear your point)
  • a few years of proficient development of mobile applications, possibly being a leader of a small/mid-sized team
  • knowledge of the latest trend in your technical sector (you tell us if android auto-updates its webview component, not the other way round :) as well as suggesting tools like Hockey)
  • Object-Oriented design: sounds boring but we don’t limit ourselves to MVC, we actually need you to consume our APIs and get the most out of them
  • it would be a plus to get someone who is passionate about OSS and would like to release some of our stuff after polishing them for the public

What do we offer?

  • a good salary, we don’t want to hire people who feel they’ve been underpaid
  • SPDY, HTTP APIs and a Service-Oriented Architecture
  • a 1-minute-walk from the metro to the office
  • a great team
  • you will and won’t be alone: our team is made of ~15 software engineers and we share best practices at the architectual / software design level, but don’t have a way to re-invent the current team members into mobile hackers
  • growth, as mobile is getting bigger and bigger (for us and for the ecommerce market in general): we expect the mobile development team to be growing as months will go by
  • a company which is standing on the shoulder of giants
  • the “10th our breakpoint”: if you work for 10 hours then have a break, order food and we will reimburse it
  • working with these two guys

So what?

Simply drop an email at and let’s make it real! Need more infos? Check this!