The Namshees invade the USA... ...with PHP (and many more)!

If you’re a geek somewhere around Boston, in September, you definitely don’t want to miss the PHP North East conference, which has an amazing lineup of speakers and a surprise from Dubai.

Among the plethora of interesting talks there will be a (definitely) fun one, “PHP is the king, NodeJS the price and Lua is the fool” given by our Cirpo who will entertain the crowd with some details on how we mesh a whole lot of languages and platforms together.

Namshi’s SOA is currently running on at least 4 different application platforms and Cirpo took the opportunity to share some insights about how we are doing it: it will be a hands-on talk focused on decision-making, benefits and pitfalls of running such a heterogeneous architecture and how crazy ideas (like flirting with Lua) could be a game-changer in your next long-term project.

Cirpo is no newbie to the world of speaking, as he already delivered a few talks in the past and, judging by the ratings, has a track record of nothing but success. Being a leader, at Namshi, doesn’t mean to only set the tone for our team, but also to confront with the community, explain (and validate) our infrastructure and learn from the feedbacks we get back: Cirpo knows that very well and this will be a great experience from this standpoint.

We wish him a safe trip to the U.S. and wish you can attend his talk!