Currently hiring: a CyberSecurity engineer

Love penetration testing, DefCon, bug bounty programs and scrapping through lines of code to find vulnerabilities? Then we might have the right opening for you!

Here at Namshi we’re committed to continuously improve our security posture, by either collaborating with security researchers across the globe or with in-house expertise.

With this in mind, we would like to hire a security researcher that can help us from this perspective: we see security as being a topic that will only gain additional importance as time goes by, and we’re committed to dedicating the right amount of time, and money, to the cause :)

As a Security Engineer, you’ll be tasked with running internal assessments, ranging from pentesting our cloud infrastructure to social engineering around the office, review our security policies and define the best strategy to improve our posture. In addition to that, you will be actively collaborating with external researchers through our HackerOne program, which is going to be directly under your responsibility. On top of this, as the months will go by, you will probably spend time training both our technical and non-technical staff to raise awareness and make sure we got the basics covered.

Been into it since Kali was Backtrack? Spend time going through public bounty programs to hack your way to a reward? Want to take on the responsibility of shaping Namshi’s defense? Then we’re definitely a match!

Apply now!

What are you waiting for? Send your application to and let’s have a chat!

P.S. A few months back I wrote a small piece about Namshi’s hiring process and desiderata, give it a look!