Currently hiring: a frontend engineer

Love React, React Native, the dom and webperf? Then we might have the right opening for you!

It is no news that we’ve been banking on the JS ecosystem for a few years: from rolling out our first angular apps in 2013 to using React Native in our android app, we’ve been very busy trying to push our frontends as far as possible.

We run a Service-Oriented architecture where JS plays a huge part: most of our services are either SPAs or small NodeJS-backed APIs, and JavaScript is king at Namshi.

We would like to work with someone who has a very strong background in the language, who’s been battling on the frontend for a few years and is not afraid to dive into Node, if required.

Some of the things our frontend team has been working over the past few months:

Most of our frontend apps are built with React, although some of the older apps still kick it in angular boots. With a fleet of 100+ microservices, we’re generally very busy trying to innovate as much as possible.

Understand the inner workings of virtual dom? Think redux is not a replacement for components’ state? Grasp how HTTP/2 helps frontend developers? Then we’re definitely a match!

Apply now!

What are you waiting for? Send your application at and let’s have a chat!

P.S. A few weeks back I wrote a small piece about Namshi’s hiring process and desiderata, give it a look!