The best CI/CD service Wercker CI is free (till now), use it

Yesterday I did a short talk titled “The best CI/CD service is free (till now), lets use it”. It was a quick rundown of Wercker CI (Continuous Integration) features and how it works.

We are currently using Travis CI for running our tests and our own open source Roger app to build docker images. The main objectives of the talk were:

  • Suggest using Wercker CI to combine running our tests and building our containers in a sequence. This will prevent us from deploying broken builds

  • Inform about a free service that can run 2 concurrent workers to build and deploy containers. It supports closed source projects too.

Here are the slides:

We discussed how it’s still in beta, which might cause issues in the future. We also discussed on how Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are different.

Hope you like them :), comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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