Lightning talks #2

At Namshi, as you probably know, we do several activities in parallel, like – small presentations about new technologies, showcases of the latest projects, watching interesting conference talks, etc. Sometimes we get together and some of the team members give a small presentation, lightning talks, about something they found really interesting. Here is a recap of the last lightning talks we had, and we hope, like the weekly newsletter, you will find it interesting as well!


My billion dollar mistake

How the invention of the null reference is affecting the software industry:


Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit.

The idea behind this project is to push for a more secure, transparent and open web. It provides free TLS/SSL certificates in an automated way, developing all its tools as open source projects


Freshshell Your terminal is really personal thing: during your career you probably change its features with plugins, configuration and everything that can be useful for you. So why not automate the way you can configure it? Think what is happening every time you have a brand new you pc in front of you … or even working with multiple computers (home, work).


Boomerang, SOAP & REST Client

It’s a really powerful Chrome extension. It lets you upload the WSDL and then you can create a request, it will create the structure for you and with the default values. You can debug and save the requests and responses, change the http headers and parameters, and also you can use different types of authentication, import/export to json file to save your projects. Check it out


He gave an introduction to Flexbox and css3. To get a great overview about Flexbox just browse You can play with his examples here


Emmet ( previously known as Zen coding ) is a plugin to enhance development workflow. By using simple css-selectors and html short-codes, it helps to generate the code snippets in seconds.”


Alex gave us a show case about interesting libraries he found on github:

And he showed us his first steps/experiments with Webpack, the module bundler: