We're hiring backend-ers!

2016 has come… …time for new entries in the tech team: what’s better, to start the year off, than new faces working on a microservice-based SOA mostly powered by NodeJS running through Docker containers?

Namshi is looking to beef its backend team up, with solid engineers who can think of great solutions to implement small, isolated, fault tolerant microservices in our architecture: people who strive to write clean code but also see the point of being pragmatic, who know how to write automated tests but also know when they might not be needed, who know when to abstract and when too much abstraction is detrimental, who… …well, you got the drill!

We mostly code in JavaScript, both on the frontend and the backend, but, if you never got the chance to work with it, don’t worry: we believe that with the right mindset the language won’t matter that much — in fact, these are a few things we care about, and they’re not platform-specific:

  • you have designed and mantained HTTP APIs before
  • know how to build fault-tolerance services that can run in high-availability setups
  • crunch on DRY, KISS and YAGNI (whaaaat?)
  • you are a detail-oriented, result-driven individual and are looking to grow in a multi-faceted environment
  • allergic to monolithic architectures is a plus

We love to innovate and try to always follow the latest trends in Web development — here are some of the things we did over the past couple of years:

Now we’re playing around with React Native and Redux to see if JavaScript could conquer the mobile apps landscape.

Our core team is based in Dubai but we’re open to remote candidates: you can find more about us by having a look at our open source libraries or scraping our tech blog.

If you think you could fit into the team, drop us a line at work-in-tech@namshi.com and let’s make it happen!