Goodbye Nitesh!

Today, Nitesh is leaving us to go back to his homeland, India, shift away from programming and focus on some other of his interests!

He had a few words to share with everyone:

When I came to Namshi, they handed me this welcome package which has small memo regarding values of the company, having worked before in corporate jobs I knew what it means, formality !! so I read the first line and toss it out. after working here for a while I could say there is nothing describe Namshi tech team better than that first line of that memo:

Do more with less.

Around 15 peoples tech team, building and scaling a growing e-commerce business like Namshi, says a lot about the quality of people. What makes it even more rewarding is the diversity of team, Italian, Egyptian, Indian, Nigerian … soon enough the conditioning of your own culture start to crack ( or at-least become more visible ). Being nomad from heart, and contemplative in nature, this was the most pleasing aspect of Namshi for me.

There was a striking combination of depth and breadth of knowledge in Namshi. always being more of a depth guy, I enjoyed things like test driven development and refactoring until my heart content, while some of my other colleagues seems like expert in everything. This leads to a solid Yin and yang approach. I was amused to know that our lead appreciates both. And quite excellent in walking the middle path.

These 9 months felt like 9 weeks in Namshi and with every meditation session, I knew I want to chew life, not really sprint through it. So even though I am engrossed and indulged in all this, I decided to move on.

Good luck Nitesh!