winston-graylog2: a new life under Namshi

As our herd of node.js apps grows, we soon needed a way to keep an eye on them. Having already in out tool belt a graylog2 facility in place, looking for a way to leverage it was the most natural thing to do.

Because of its nice modular transports feature our node-logging weapon of choice is winston, the graylog2 transport library looked a bit alone though and in need of a maintainer. I our usual give back spirit we choose to adopt the lib instead of publishing a new one, and today we merged our 1st PR! :)

As for now our intervention was isolated to move away from the custom GELF protocol implementation, relying instead on the node-graylog2 library: they’ll most likely do a better job than us on the protocol side, and we’ll be able to focus more on the winston integration. We also started introducing some basic tests: definitely some better work can be done on this side ;)

So here it is: winston-graylog2 and here’s briefly how you use it:

the usual

npm install winston-graylog2

and then

  var winston = require('winston');
  winston.add(require('winston-graylog2'), options);


var WinstonGraylog2 = require('winston-graylog2');
var logger = new(winston.Logger)({
        exitOnError: false,
        transports: [new(WinstonGraylog2)(options)]

Enjoy! :)

Publishing something new is always a great feeling, and it’s even more fulfilling when it involves not letting a project die :)
So let us know if you like it and share the love with some RP!!!! ;)