Interested in the history of NodeJS? Then let's hear it from Lucio at the ConFoo

Not really hard to believe, NodeJS is a beloved one among the plethora of technologies that we use at Namshi; that’s why we got people like Lucio on board so that we could expand in that direction.

And you know what? Lucio loves Node so much that he’d like to talk about it at a big stage, like the one the ConFoo of next february.

Then don’t miss the chance to vote one of his proposals as he’d be very happy to introduce you the history of NodeJS (I heard part of that talk, since he already gave it internally for the Namshi team, and I have to admit it was freaking interesting), how it was born and what pushed Rian Dahl to write this beautiful platform; the other talk that he has in the pipeline is a good introduction on how to embrace the non-blocking paradigm and he will explain how to make sure that you treat the Event Loop responsibly :)

Definitely worth it!