Shisha, smoke test those URLs!

Here comes Shisha! Yet another NodeJs based application from Namshi! Shisha is a smoke testing module, what is smoke testing? Read about it here. In short, smoke testing is a term coming from Electrical Engineering, where an Electronic chip is simply tested by plugging it into an electric source and observing if smoke comes out! How does shisha relate to this? Well, just give shisha a list or a file of URLs and expected HTTP status code for each URL, and it will assert the expected status codes and show you back a report! It serves as a quick and fast testing platform for your website/APIs. Instead of waiting for a unit or an integration test to be prepared and run, simply set shisha to run on your URLs, it is fast and simple!

Install it

Install shisha globally from NPM

npm install -g shisha

Prepare it and smoke it

Create a text file named .smoke where all your test cases will reside.

Fill it as following: 200 404

From the directory where your .smoke file is, run shisha and observe the shisha smoking!

Here is a video illustration:


You can:–

  • Pass a path to any text file containing the right URL status code mapping using --smoke argument
shisha --smoke /path/to/text/file
  • Pass locals to be replaced in your text file
shisha --domain --protocol http

so your text file would look something like this

{{ protocol }}://{{ domain }}/path 200

Here is how locals work:

  • Easily extend shisha in your code as follows:
npm install --save shisha

then, in your code:

var shisha = require('shisha');

you will have access to the smoke method which accepts the following arguments:

  1. data source, which can be a path to a text file, a list or an object.
  2. A list of locals to be replaced in the placeholders of the text file.
  3. A callback which accepts the report argument where the set of smoking results are parsed.
 shisha.smoke('/path/to/a/text/file', options, callback);


             url: '',
             status: 200
    ], locals, callback


        '': 200,
        '': 404,
    }, locals, callback

locals as mentioned before, is a list of placeholders to be replaced in the smoke file

shisha.smoke(urls, {protocol: 'https', domain: ''}

callback is a function called when smoking is done!

if you do not have any locals, you can simply omit it.

shisha.smoke(urls, callback);

Happy smoking!