Wanna hear about SOA and how we deal with APIs? Then vote for cirpo!

Aaaaand following our first announcement regarding “conquering” the ConFoo, as promised, we go ahead with the second charge!

Cirpo has decided to capitalize on the opportunity of being in the cold lands of Canada to offer a few learning opportunities for the attendees, as the list of his proposals is quite long and impressive.

If you are willing to hear how we do web services and how we integrated an API-first approach then don’t miss the opportunity to rate his talks, as I’m sure he’d be happy to showcase our best practices and hear your feedbacks and suggestions, to make Namshi’s SOA even sharper; along with these topics he’ll be happy to talk about some of the other tools and systems we use like Redis and RabbitMQ.

But even more important, grab your ticket for the event as I can ensure you it’s one of a kind and you won’t regret it!