Reconfig: declarative JavaScript configurations

We recently published a new library that let’s you deal with configurations, in JavaScript, in a very elegant way.

The library is called Reconfig and it’s available through NPM (if you need on the browser we highly recommend browserify): it’s really small and simple, and thought to keep your configuration as elegant, simple and declarative as possible.

With reconfig you can do stuff like:

var reconfig = require('reconfig');

var config =  new reconfig({
    greet: 'Hello :who!',
    sayhi: '{{ greet }}'
    countries: {
        uae: {
            population: '2M',
            nationalDay: 'December 2nd'
        // ...

// Retrieve a deep config value
config.get('countries.uae.nationalDay'); // December, 2nd

// Pass parameters to the configuration
config.get('greet', {who: 'John'}); // Hello, John!

// Reference other configuration parameters
config.get('sayhi', {who: 'John'}); // Hello, John!

// Fallback values
config.get('something', {}, 'invalid'); // invalid

We’re probably gonna look into porting the same to PHP (another big player in our stack) so…stay tuned!