Looking for some fun with APIs or JavaScript? We have what you need!

To the army of developers out there: if you are looking to boost your nerditude and have some fun, we might have what you are looking for.

(no, it’s not a cookie)

Here at Namshi, in the cold (yes, it’s an euphemism) lands of Dubai, things have gone quite well so far, and we’re extremely excited everytime there’s room for someone else in our little room (actually, our office it’s kind of an open-space).

I am very happy to announce that we are now actively looking for 2 new members of our team in order to expand our team, vision, objectives and count of the shishas we order when we’re out together.

API monkey

If you know what the PSR-4 is…

If you are willing to switch to HHVM, in production, in the next six months…

If you have ever heard of Event Sourcing…

If you get excited everytime someone names Redis (even if it’s for no apparent reason at all, the important is to get excited regardless)…

If you know the 5 tenets of the REST architectural style…

if you want to give back to the opensource community

If you like shawarma

…if all of this and that, then think of coming over to Dubai to join a startup that has been disruptive in his market and has been writing a Service-Oriented Architecture (with style! :–)) based on Symfony2, HTTP APIs and Redis.

We are looking for a Senior API engineer, and will offer a competitive retribution plus some other benefits (working with cirpo, among others).

Frontend ducktyper

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you will need to get bored with old school technologies like NodeJS, AngularJS, Gulp, on which our frontends are currently running (to be honest, if we had to rewrite today, we would go for PERL, #FORSURE).

Unfortunately, your duties will also include having to deal with the DevTools in order to speed up performances and eliminate any waste and overengineering we might have on our frontends.

Last but not least – I know, I’m sorry :( – you will be disgusted to be consuming our backend APIs, trying to get your head around HTTP headers, caching and everything bad about webservices.

Ah, I almost forgot to mention that we might have to add SPDY and WebP. Yesterday.

About Namshi

We honestly want to keep it cool and fun, that’s why I wante to give this post this kind of tone.

One thing I am really proud of, at Namshi, is that we don’t stick to one technology just because we think that we can do everything with it, we use the correct technology for each and every context. We use what makes sense, which means that even PERL could do something, one day, in our architecture.

We’d like to hire someone who relies on the community around him, who likes to write open source code (and use it as well!), someone who likes enterprise design patterns and is afraid every time a feature not covered by a test goes to production.

The team has been steadily growing since I joined the company in 2012, both from an headcount perspective and the level of skills.

Our guys and girls tend to have fun on a daily basis, commit to the company values (and to github as well!) and (I hope :-P) are having a great run with technologies that is not always possible to use in other scenarios.

But we are also aware that without other points of view, without growth, without some fresh energy, our journey to perfection would be even harder (and I personally make it even harder, I know!).

Even though we are happy with our stack and what we achieved so far, we’re aware that we are far from being perfect: that’s why we need you :)

Drop us an email (alessandro.nadalin@namshi.com) and let’s have fun together!

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