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Currently hiring: a frontend engineer

Love React, React Native, the dom and webperf? Then we might have the right opening for you!

Running Spot Instances in Production

Around this time last year, we decided to try running subset of our customer-facing web traffic on spot instances.
This decision was solely based to reduce our AWS instance bill. We’ve heard of people running workloads on spot instances but most of the workloads are usually long-running jobs where you don’t mind if the instance gets terminated at any time. Running customer-facing apps is a completely different challenge where we can’t afford any downtime of any sort.

70% faster: rewriting the API that serves most of our traffic

At the beginning of 2017, we decided to revamp our catalog API which is one of the main parts of our infrastructure, as it’s the API that serves 60 to 70% of our overall traffic.

Rebuilding our mobile website: Express & React meet fun & profit

Late last year we decided to give our mobile website a new look, coupled with a new “engine” in order to optimize our mobile experience on the web. Most of our users visit Namshi from mobile devices and we wanted to give them better usability, performance and overall smoother experience.

Currently hiring: backend and mobile engineers

We’re currently looking for some help in a couple areas of our tech team — why don’t you join us?

Upgrading our search server towards high availability and beyond

In this post, we are going to highlight how and why we did a solr upgrade from solr v3 to solr-cloud v6 with no downtime.

Get that job at Namshi

Inspired by HauteLook who, in turn, were inspired by Steve Yegge, I decided to write a small article that briefly describes what we’re looking for when interviewing potential candidates.

Browser geolocation: the good, the bad and the ugly

We’re a little late to the party — but we’re here, amongst those who are playing around with the geolocation API provided by browsers.

Without further ado, let me get straight to our feedback on one the nicest web APIs that have been standardized in recent times.

Welcome Gabriel!

Fresh new vibes in the tech team as we have a new joiner who likes to hack with JavaScript on the browser!

Lightning talks #3

At Namshi, as you probably know, we do several activities, like – small presentations about new technologies, showcases of the latest projects, watching interesting conference talks, etc. We had our third edition of lightning talk. Each of our team members gave a small presentation about something they found interesting. Here is a recap of what they spoke about, and we hope you will find it interesting as well!

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