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Namshi’s Second Hackathon 2018

A recap from 2 days of hacking at Namshi’s Headquarter in Dubai with an incredible bunch of hackers. The best weekend of the year!

During the first weekend of October, Namshi hosted the second internal Hackathon at our lovely TECH team office. It was time for our software engineers to celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-team collaboration and rapid prototyping – We had a lot of fun!

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Junior Software Engineer

Rewriting an MS SQL gateway with Golang

Innovation happens at an increasing rate today, which means code that is only one or two years old might become outdated and hard to maintain. In Namshi’s Backend Team, we also discuss the best approach to fix issues when we face problems caused by legacy code. Sometimes we do an incremental refactor and other times we go for a complete rewrite. This month we rewrote an app from scratch, and here is how we did it.

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Junior Software Engineer

Syncing millions of records a day to BigQuery: our experience moving from GAE to GKE

This week we moved one of our analytics workloads from Google App Engine (GAE) to the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and wanted to share our experience in simplifying a setup that syncs millions of records to BigQuery each and every day.

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A new way to navigate around the Namshi android app

From a UX standpoint, it is really important to strike a good balance between usability and how information is organized within the application. Too much information might be overwhelming to the user, and an improper flow of the information will become a discouraging experience. Having a proper navigation pattern is vital as this helps the users to navigate between various hierarchies of structured or organized information. One of the biggest challenges within the mobile application purview is in providing a proper navigation, especially due to the smaller size of mobile screens. Several navigational patterns have been designed but each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

How we improved our return process and increased customer satisfaction by 22%

One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce portals is to be able to deliver the same, or even a better, kind of experience physical retailers offer in terms of size exchanges. When you want to return a jacket at the Zara store next door, you simply walk to the store, ask for a larger size, and swap your return with the new, larger jacket — in case that size is out of stock you will immediately be refunded. In any case, it’s instant gratification.

Delivery promises in the wild

We recently launched a new feature which we internally call “delivery promises”. This feature informs our users the expected delivery lead time of individual products, based on their location. Users select their location from a drop down list and a timer counts down to the next available delivery dispatch time. This allows users to know how much time they have to place an order to receive their item at the next earliest possible delivery date.

Moving from Prometheus to StackDriver… …and introducing the StackDriver Pushgateway

When running a business, being able to compare metrics to other time period helps to understand which way things are moving and take actions based on that. For example, a sudden decrease in conversion rate is something you would definitely want to monitor, and take action based on.

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