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Rainy days in Dubai are rare! same as good places to work.

Almost 2 years ago, I landed at the Dubai Airport on a flight that took off from Egypt and for several reasons, a flight that won’t have a return ticket back to Egypt (at least anytime soon, I hope).

Currently hiring: a DevOps engineer and a JS hacker here in Dubai

Hey folks, here at Namshi we’re currently looking to beef our team up — without further ado, let me quickly go through both of them!

My First Two Weeks At Namshi

On July 10th, I joined Namshi as a Junior Software Engineer. I was really excited to start my first full time job writing software. Though, I have to confess that I was also a bit afraid and nervous. Fortunately, after just two days working with the team the fear and nervousness went away. In this post, I will share with you some of the things I have learned so far as well as what I love about working in this awesome team.

The Copy Paste Guide for Creating NPM packages in ES6 with Babel and Webpack

ES6 is lovely, right?

I believe “Yes” it is! However, ES6 is not quite ready yet. Present JavaScript environments (NODE and Browser ) cannot run all the ES6 proposed features. Browser vendors are slowly shipping the features to their JS engines. Hence, as of today, only ES5 is guaranteed to work seamlessly in every JS environment.

Welcome Joe!

Fresh new vibes in the tech team as Joe joined us a today!

Progressive Web Apps Dev Summit 2016 Highlights

The first Progressive Web App dev summit happened in Amsterdam last week. I got a chance to attend the event and meet a lot of new people. All the sessions were nice, and I was so amazed to see the different browser vendors working together to push the web forward.

Docker security improvement - User namespace

With the 1.10 release, Docker added a huge list of new features. Whith this post we are going do analyze one of options: username spaces.

Prior to version 1.10, running an alpine container mounting an external volume /var/log/ was done as follows:

The best CI/CD service Wercker CI is free (till now), use it

Yesterday I did a short talk titled “The best CI/CD service is free (till now), lets use it”. It was a quick rundown of Wercker CI (Continuous Integration) features and how it works.

Newsletter #126

TechThursday is here!

We are featuring a T-shirt clash after more than a year, this time it is Shidhin and Geshan but different colors:)

We would also like to welcome back Shidhin from his vacation. And here is your weekly quota of some interesting links


Ciao! So long and thanks for all the shawarma

Today is my last day at Namshi.

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